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While searching for the perfect invitations for our own wedding in 2009, we just couldn’t find what we were looking for. Before I knew it, I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning sketching ideas. I always knew I wanted my own business, and I quickly realized this was the missing piece to my puzzle.

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As a wedding stationer, I have the opportunity to work with couples during a very specialtime in their lives. Maybe it’s just the perfectionist in me, but there’s really nothing better than having a complete set of invitations – each one in a perfectly even pile, ready to be sent across the country to each wedding guest!

Our design process has gone through many changes throughout the past couple of years. We’ve added bigger and better printers, cutters, and a few sets of extra helping hands. What started as a small idea while sitting on my couch late one night, has turned into my greatest passion. I hope this website takes some of the complications out of the custom design process and, most importantly, I hope that we are able to create personalized stationery you love!

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